Jung Hsu

Live House

interactive audio visual installation, 2015
NCCU DCT 3rd graduation project

Live House, makes music alive.

It’s a space let people to see, to listen, to touch, and to feel the music. The live performance has been played by all audiences themselves, no matter they knew each other or not. They’re able to create the unique piece of music in the visiting period collectively.

The only thing we can do is to follow this logic and rules, obey and solicit for permission. We have to appear in front of a depth sensor, take our hats and masks off and try to adjust for best detection, in order to pass face id. This mechanism not only changed the way of using ourselves, it has also changed our behavior and our mental processes. Very few have questioned why we must go through such authentication just to shut others outside. If there is a non-human oriented context, the subjectivity will transform constantly, we will eventually confront a much more dominant machine. Under it's surveillance and restriction, people are monitored and examined. Through slowly throwing our initiative away, we have given up control. Once the machine changed the mechanism against our will, should we completely comply with those terms and conditions in order to access our own properties?