Jung Hsu

Anti Baby Club

Speculative design, performance, 2019
Morrow Agent (Shanghai)

“Let’s yell our slogan together:
Happy No Birth Day. 
Happy No Birth Day.
Happy No Birth Day.”


Before 2015, China's population was subject to a strict one-child restriction.

On the CCTV New year’s party 1990, Huang Hong and Song Dandan present a comedy called “Unscheduled Birth Squad”, by using hilarious performance to transit how villagers escaping the policy of birth control.

Two-child policy has been put on by Chinese government on 1st of January, 2016. From limitation to encouragement, Chinese population structure totally changed under the policy in last decades. Not only the demographic been changed, the idea of producing offsprings also turned into another way.

After a quick survey, the excuse to not having child is more than your imagine, like “Have no money”, “Want to keep good shape”, “Life quality is more important”, “Hate kids”, “Disappointed to the world”

We fabricate the organization in front of people, the illusion and realness emerge into an experimental theater, the ridiculous performance will lead audiences discover the meanings of birth, produce offsprings, individual against society.

The performance of “Anti Baby Club’s product release party”, included the introduction of our special products for club members, a speech gave by the club leader, and a fake documentary from random street interviews.

“And we developed diverse products for club members.”

Baby Go Bank Card

Facing to aunties’ questions:
“ When will you get marry? When do you suppose to have a child?”

Keep Calm.
The pressure for having a child is stressful. If you don’t want your child born in a worse situation than other middle class family,  guaranteed amount is necessary.  According to the statistics, in China’s tier 1 cities, to raise a child till 18 cost 3 million RMB. And who urge you to have the child, should take part of the responsibility though.  This product can not only save your problem to let your annoying relatives stop asking stupid question, also can help you saving money for your child in the future.

“The funding reach the starting line, then we could talk about my baby schedule. ”

Birth control Feng-Shui Guide
Annoying Babies' Categories

Anti Baby Hotel

constructed by the rules of Birth control Feng-Shui Guide. Create an environment  let couples have zero desire to produce offsprings.

The Mask of Anti Baby Club is a royal symbol of senior membership. And the Sterilization Prayer Wheel is a prop for those club members are not firm enough to say no to kids. It can stabilizing the belief of club’s faith.

The free-will of reproduce might lead the crisis of human survival, but there is no doubt the basic human rights are for anyone. This is neither right or wrong from different perspective. We start a new project around this topic to provoking more discussion about give birth or not.

Concept  development & Research - Jung Hsu, aiWu
Product Designer - Yi Shen, aiWu
Graphic Designer - Xiao Sen, Jung Hsu, Yi Shen
Visual Animation - Xiao Sen, Jung Hsu
Performance Acting - All
Film Editing - Wei xin Yan
Script - Jung Hsu
PM - Jung Hsu