Jung Hsu is a Taiwanese researcher and new media artist based in Berlin. She attempts to combine interdisciplinary knowledge with artistic research to create heterogeneous encounters. In the process of her education and life, she always tries to respond to the current social situation with multiple perspectives and uses metaphorical objects to create a speculative scenario. Her recent work has focused on micro-biopolitics and social movements. She is now studying Art and Media at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Research Project Manager / 04.2019 - 02.2020
Morrow Agent, Shanghai

Project Manager / 10.2017 - 12.2018
ele.me, Shanghai

Planner / 10.2016 - 10.2017
Blue-Phoenix new media art, Shanghai

Universität der Künste Berlin / 2020-2023
Absolvent, Art and Media

National Cheng Chi University / 2011-2016
BS, Digital content and Techonology

Interactive+ Golden Nica/ 2022 Prix Ars Electronica

Lecture & Talks
Artist talk/ Speaker, 2023 ISEA

自由、藝術,與數位時代中的人權兩難/ Speaker, 2022 The Plain Law Movementwas

Transdisiplinary study/ Speaker, 2022 UFO, NCCU

Bi0film.net resist like bacteria/Guest lecturer, 2022 New Media Art Dept, TNUA

Bi0film.net resist like bacteria/ Guest lecturer, 2022 Digital Content and Technology, NCCU

Bi0film.net: 像细菌一样抵抗/ Keynote speaker, 2022 7th Annual Conferences of Network Society, CAA

身體作為戰場:歷史的規訓/ Panel speaker, 2022  Taiwan Art Biennial

Prix Forum/ Speaker, 2022 Ars Electronica

Immersive experience/ Guest lecturer, 2019 Shanghai Institute if Design, CAA

Exhibition & Performance

Present Im/possibilities/ 2023  Designtransfer, Berlin

Taiwan Art Biennial/ 2022  NTMoFA, Tahichung

A Flower and a Thousand Paths/ 2022 Céline Bureau Studio, Quebec

Magical Hackerism/2022 SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin

Prix Ars Electronica/ 2022 Linz 

Re:publica22/ 2022 Berlin

Athens Digital Art Festival/ 2022 Athens

Bi0film.net: Resist like bacteria/ 2022 Designtransfer, Berlin

Vorspiel/ 2022 Silent Green Berlin

CTM Festival/ 2022 Novilla Berlin

Rundgang udk/ 2021 Berlin

Anti baby club night/ 2019  ALL club, Shanghai

Est@’s Funeral night/ 2019  ALL club, Shanghai

NCCU Art Festival/ 2016 Taipei

404 Future Not Found Festival/ 2016 Taipei

NTU Art Fest/2015  The Wall Taipei

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